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    • Creating a new topic step by step
      1. Once logged in from the dashboard, click on the quizmaker button
      2. Click on create a QuizGame
      3. Choose what type of quiz you would like to create.
        1. An existing topic - You can use any topic that another person has created to make your QuizGame. This is quite easy as all topics have been setup for you automatically
        2. An entirely new quiz - This is more in-depth and will require you to choose the topic, categories, times, colors so there are many configurations and takes a little longer.
      4. If clicking on an entirely new topic, you will need to enter the following: (If using an existing topic, please go to step 5 below)
        1. Enter your topic name
        2. Choose a default time for each question
        3. Add your questions categories. What are categories? Click here to find out more
        4. Choose a category color. When choosing a color its best to choose one that aligns with the topic. If there is no color then make a color you like for each category
        5. Add a reference link (optional) this is used to add a link to external references. Usually this would like to a topic information page, IE an elearning course, Wikipedia page, or something you've written yourself.
        6. The default amount of categories is 3, but you can add more by clicking on the add category button.
        7. Add a default image. (Usually this is a picture that is relevant to the topic.)
        8. Add a description. This is usually a short piece of information about the quiz that people can read about prior to playing. The information is accessible to read on the topic card when people click on the Information button. If you need to reference any trademarks you can do this also by adding them into this section.
        9. Click on next and it will take you to the next screen to start creating the QuizGame questions.
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