Most frequent questions and answers

Make sure you are logged in. You will need to register if you are not already a member. Then simply go to the Library and search for the QuizGame you would like to play. Once you’ve found it, just click play.

Click on the link in your email, this will take you to the game. If you are not already a Champions member, you will need to create an account first. When creating your account, please ensure you use the email that the invitation was sent to. This is very important so that your game results are available to the person sending the invitation.

The numerical score you achieve is based on the number of correct responses during the QuizGame and how quickly you answered. Champions is designed to simulate the time constraints present in a real exam, so playing QuizGames is great practice for using your available time efficiently.

You can share QuizGames that you’ve created as well as results you’ve achieved on Facebook. Just click the Facebook icon and you will be able to post it.

No problem! You can resume any QuizGame when you are ready. Just login and go to your dashboard. In the newsfeed you will see any unfinished games and the option to “resume game” next to it. Simply click and keep playing. Champions will remember your progress.

The achievement badges are displayed in your dashboard. They will become coloured when you achieve one and you will also be sent an email. You can see what each of them is for just by passing your mouse over each one. See if you can get all of them!

During the game, you will be taken to a screen in between each question. From this screen you can do a number of actions: Rate Question, View Rationale, see the Overall Graph or simply move on to the next question. If you select Rate Question, you can submit feedback about how well you understood it and any other comments you would like to make. This is useful for both the user and the creator of the QuizGame as it helps to improve the quality of the questions.