Champions is for everyone!

Champions™ is an online learning and assessment tool utilizing 'gamification' and friendly competition to assist in education. The system incorporates numerous innovative solutions and is designed to grow into a knowledge database and loyal community. Above all, Champions™ is addictively fun to use.

For you

Find out your level of ability in any topic. See how you compare with your colleagues and the rest of the world. Identify your areas of strength and weakness and then target your training to improve.

For Business

Business managers can use Champions™ to assess or benchmark their staff or entire workforces. Detailed statistical data comparing all the results is available which assists in making better business decisions.

Our Values

Everyone, no matter who you are, how rich or poor should be able to access world leading education tools. Champions™ has been built to allow the world to learn. Champions™ has been built to help people be smarter, faster. in doing so, it will allow for people to come up with more innovative solutions and help the world be a better place.

What are people saying about Champions™?

“Thoroughly professional. Their attention to detail is exemplary! “
“Our organisation has benefited greatly from Champions™. We use it for maturity assessment, personnel and benchmarking against our competitors. It’s been a game-changer for us”
“A great tool for us teachers to use. Make classes more interactive and fun and I can really see how my students are progressing”
“I like nothing better than a good Champions™ brag on Facebook :)”
“I think I’d be failing Geography right now if it wasn’t for Champions™. That’s no exaggeration”
“This product will be very beneficial to the IT industry for upskilling staff on Best Practice frameworks and practices. I believe it is an excellent product for benchmarking skills and assessing knowledge”

Want to find out more?

Champions™ can be used in so many ways to benefit both organisations and individuals. Let us show you how Champions™ can help YOU.