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Individual Membership

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Two ways to become a Champion

As an individual, you can enjoy Champions in two ways: Personal or Premium.

Personal Membership suits casual users who want to test their knowledge in a range of topics.

Premium Membership suits users who want to know their strengths, study only what they need, and get accredited and further their skills journey.

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Personal membership

Enjoy the fun and benefits of Champions with no monthly or annual fee. Personal Membership does not include access to the Business Library or Skills Journey. 

    • Play any QuizGame from the Champions Library
    • Get detailed analysis of the Challenges you’ve played
    • Create your own QuizGames to share with your friends
    • Level up, earn XP, get rewards & share your results
    • Get smarter and climb the World Rankings

$9 per month or (just $7 per month if paid annually)

Premium membership

Premium Members enjoy the full range of Champions benefits including the Business Library, Skills Journey and MasterClass.

  • Access the full range of Challenges on the Business Library
  • Map your learning path with the Skills Journey
  • View detailed reports of your Assessment results
  • Take learning to the next level with Masterclass
  • Learn faster and easily pass any Exam



The Champions Challenge interface features innovative technology such as Rationales, Feedback, and a visual timer.



Gamified elements provide friendly competition such as Ghost Players and World Rankings. The result? Accelerated learning.



Create your own Challenges on Topics you care about, then publish them to the Champions Library. Challenges support text, audio, video and images.

“I like that everything is one place. The ITIL assessment is excellent and is something you just can’t get from an ordinary practice exam paper."

– C. Hart

Most commonly asked

Questions And Answers

Champions is the only Learning Experience Platform on the market that uses gamification to make your learning journey easy and fun.

Registering takes only seconds as all you need is an email address. You’ll just need to think of a username and password.

So easy! You’ll get a personal Dashboard which enables you to get started straight away. There is also a handy Dashboard tour, so you know what everything does. You’ll be playing, creating, learning and tracking your progress in no time.

You can either use your real name or make up a cool Username. Champions only displays your Username on World Rankings. If you are the author of any Challenges, you get credit under the same Username which stays with you throughout your Champions journey.

Yes! Champions encourages all Members to constantly improve the platform. You can send the team a message at any time using the contact us menu. We normally respond within 24 hours. There is also feedback buttons in every Challenge on the Library which allows our community to talk directly to the authors. If you make a Challenge, it’s possible other Members will give you some private feedback on your creation once it’s published on the Library.

Premium Membership is optional. You can do a lot of things with a Champions Personal Membership which is free for life. If you are serious about learning some business Topics, it’s probably worth the small monthly fee to have access to all the Challenges on the Business Library. Premium Membership also provides lots of other useful benefits to help guide your learning and get you to your goals faster. You can customise your own unique skills journey or allow your employer to set one for you. Premium also gives you a lot more options for creating your own Challenges such as the ability to make your Challenge private, available only to your friends. Premium Membership is paid monthly or yearly and you can cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel your Premium Membership, you’ll still be a Personal Member and retain all your history.

Of course you can. One of the best things about  the Champions Community is sharing your achievements with like minded people. If you get a great score in any Challenge or a high World Ranking, why not share that success on social media? Champions is all about fun and friendly competition. 

Yes! Champions is perfect for anyone who wants to create Challenges on any Topic. The Challenge Maker menu on your Dashboard allows you to easily make QuizGame questions and then add them into your own Challenges which you can publish on the Library. You can invite your friends to play and even earn XP for every Challenge you publish.